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Title: Wolsey Commits Suicide/ Finale
Artist: Trevor Morris
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Charles + Margaret

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Merry Christmas from The Tudors!

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tudor events | the tudors season 3 launch party

December 17, 1538: Paul III Farnese excommunicates Henry VIII of England [x]


R.I.P. Peter O’Toole [x]


Please, God, in Your mercy… don’t take her away from me. My son needs his mother and I need my Queen.

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the tudors + costumes: part four


best tv/movie characters:

[69/??] Callum Blue as Sir Anthony Knyvert in The Tudors (2007)

↳ ”Your Majesty, I almost lost an eye for the same reward.”

R.I.P. Queen Jane Seymour (24 October 1537)

"If good prayers can save her, she is not like to die," people were saying "Never was lady more popular with every man, rich or poor". Alison Weir (x)

On this day in 1537, Jane Seymour gave birth to King Henry VIII’s only surviving, legitimate son, Prince Edward VI.

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