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“The old marchioness had him tracing down bed hangings and carpets for her. Send that. Be here. To her, all the world was a menial. If she wanted a lobster or a sturgeon, she ordered it up, and if she wanted good taste she ordered it in the same way. The marchioness would run her hand over Florentine silks, making little squeaks of pleasure. “You bought it, Master Cromwell,” she would say. “And very beautiful it is. Your next task is to work out how we pay for it.” 

Reign VS The Tudors *

August  29   ( 539 )


Mary I & Ambassador Chapuys

"She said that I am jealous of her because she is married and I am not. I may never be."

"She ought not to have said such things."

"Yes, but…they’re true. they’re true."

"I don’t know if you’re really brave, or if you’re just a fucking fool!"

"Neither do I."

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mary tudor + pastel
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“You can smile when your heart is breaking because you’re a woman.”

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galadrielles requested: the tudors + pastel and pale

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jane seymour + crowns / tiaras

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