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“You can smile when your heart is breaking because you’re a woman.”

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jane seymour + crowns / tiaras

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Make Me Choose

↳ Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick or Thomas Cromwell
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I'm a lucky lady... (x)
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R.I.P. Anne Boleyn (d. 19 May 1536)

Anne Boleyn is one of the most controversial women in English history; we argue over her, we pity and admire and revile her, we reinvent her in every generation. She takes on the colour of our fantasies and is shaped by our preoccupations: witch, bitch, feminist, sexual temptress, cold opportunist. She is a real woman who has acquired an archetypal status and force, and one who patrols the nightmares of good wives; she is the guilt-free predator, the man-stealer, the woman who sets out her sexual wares and extorts a fantastic price. She is also the mistress who, by marrying her lover, creates a job vacancy. Her rise is glittering, her fall sordid. God pays her out. The dead take revenge on the living. The moral order is reasserted. Hilary Mantel [x]

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TV MEME : [1/5] female chararcters: Princess Margaret Tudor

"You can love, perhaps for a year, a month, a day, even for an hour. And in that hour I do believe you love as well and deeply as any man. But after that hour, you love not. You love another, and then another. Your love is most generous where it is most hurtful."

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