Queens of England + Anne of Bohemia (1366-1394)

Anne was born in 1366, the eldest daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Elizabeth of Pomerania.

Anne married Richard II in 1382 as a result of the Great Schism in the Papacy. The marriage was encouraged by Pope Urban VI in attempt to create an alliance with Anne’s father who was the most powerful monarch in Europe at the time. Many members of the nobility and members of parliament were against the marriage and it occurred primarily at the urging of Richard’s intimate, Michael de la Pole. Anne brought no direct financial benefits because she had no dowry and in return for her hand in marriage Richard gave 20,000 florins in payment to Anne’s brother, Wenceslas. There were also few diplomatic benefits although English merchants could now trade freely within both Bohemian lands and lands of the Holy Roman Empire. This was not much compared to the usual benefits that came from a diplomatic marriage made as a result of the war with France. It’s unsurprising then that the marriage was unpopular.

Although originally disliked by chroniclers, Anne became more popular in time. She was a very kind person and was known for her tireless attempts to intercede on behalf of the people, procuring pardons for participants in the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. She made several high-profile intercessions in front of the king for John Northampton and Simon Burley. Her most famous act of intercession was on behalf of the citizens of London in the ceremonial reconciliation of Richard and London in 1392.

Despite 12 years of marriage, Anne never bore any children. A contemporary chronicler said, “this queen, although she did not bear children, was still held to have contributed to the glory and wealth of the realm, as far as she was able.” This suggests that her lack of children was relatively unimportant especially when combined with her popular legacy as “Good Queen Anne.”

Anne died in 1394 from plague and her death was a devastating blow to Richard whose subsequent conduct would lose him the throne. (x)

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