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the hollow crown: war of the roses -- new cast info! →

Anna Kendrick tweets about Keira (x)

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Happy birthday, Laura Haddock! (b. 21 August 1985)
As a kid I’d change my mind about my future career every day. Policewoman was the one I would always came back to. One day my dad said to me, ‘You don’t actually want to do any of those jobs. You want to be an actress who can play these people for a month at a time.’ It’s just as well I listened to him because I reckon I’d have made a terrible copper. *

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“Acting with Adams was also really fun. Amy is the most unselfconscious actress I’ve come across in a while. She’s not afraid to make a fool out of herself. She is spookily talented.” – Emily Blunt.
I was immediately impressed at how much fun she was having while looking absolutely fabulous in her couture gowns. I don’t manage to do either of those things with much grace and was chastened into looking for a way to try and enjoy the ride.” – Frances McDormand.
Amy has a little light on inside her that burns — sometimes a soft light, sometimes a hot little blue flame, but you are aware always of the light. It is her immediacy as an actress, that present quality that makes her special.” – Meryl Streep.
[For about five minutes, he spoke of his admiration for Adams’s talent, generosity and work ethic. He spoke of how he believed people often misunderstood Amy. How in reality she was harder to pin down than she might seem. How she purposely kept a little mystery about herself.] “And for an actor that’s good,” he said. “More should do it.” – Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Happy 40th Birthday, Amy! (Born August 20, 1974)
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Poetry, beauty, romance, love — these are what we stay  a l i v e  for.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y ,  K A T E !

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Chloé Love Story, starring Clémence Poésy and directed by Mélanie Laurent. (x)

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Ed and Chace did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Chate/ChEd Forever! <3

Favorite parts: Both shouting when the ice hits, Ed nominating the Queen of England AND Ed trending in the USA!! See here: x

Your turn next Leighton! :D

Videos: Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford

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Dead Poets Society Challenge — [2/8] characters: Neil Perry

"For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do! And for the first time, I’m gonna do it! Whether my father wants me to or not! Carpe diem!"